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<rekado>I find it confusing that I can’t seem to get the same derivation for python-jaxlib compared to
<rekado>I’m using the same commits, I think
<rekado>the derivation name differs, but the expected output when building the derivation is the same
<civodul>rekado: that’s prolly due to fixed-output derivations in the graph
<civodul>that’s ok, no worries
<civodul>(for instance guix.bordeaux uses builtin:git-download, but you don’t, so the .drv differs but the output is still the same)
<rekado>I see
<rekado>does this break “guix weather”? I cannot get substitutes for this build.
<civodul>rekado: hmm it should work
<civodul>… but it doesn’t
<civodul> is 404
<civodul>something went wrong:
<civodul>/var/log/cuirass-remote-server.log:2024-01-16 14:35:04 error: failed to add /gnu/store/5dirzhi4nql4bah3ri32kb8k3im4gf2h-python-jaxlib-0.4.18 to store: path `/gnu/store/5dirzhi4nql4bah3ri32kb8k3im4gf2h-python-jaxlib-0.4.18' does not exist and cannot be created
<civodul>i’ll have to investigate why that happened but in the meantime, since it was successfully built, i’ve copied it to the head node
<civodul>rekado: so substitute should be available soon
<rekado>just stumbled upon a bioconductor package without a source tarball; it only has source code in git:
<rekado>I wonder if that’s a sign of things to come
<rekado>hmm, this tensorflow build takes an unusually long time
<rekado>“# The source build involves some wonky Bazel stuff.”
<rekado>nixpkgs is a bit as if all the Guix channels were put in one repository.
<rekado>testing the new guix-bioc channel