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<rekado>I removed all these toolchain directories from the generated tarballs. The good news is that they are now reproducible. The bad news is that bazel doesn’t accept them.
<rekado>here’s what I get when I’m trying to build jaxlib: ERROR: Error computing the main repository mapping: no such package '@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo'
<rekado>@bazel_tools is provided by bazel itself, though. Strace shows that it’s being accessed.
<rekado>bazel is supposed to recreate all these links to included tools, but it doesn’t
<rekado>BTW: these are my references from nixpkgs:
<rekado>the build system:
<rekado>ACTION installs nix again to compare the exact contents and timestamp of bazel artifacts
<rekado>the generated tarball from nixpkgs has exactly the same problem
<civodul>rekado: ah, in a way that’s good news
<civodul>(sorry for not being more helpful on this topic and re OpenJDK too, i’m kinda overwhelmed these days)
<rekado>heh, me too :)
<rekado>sorry for all the noise
<rekado>it’s just rather embarrassing for me to have these packages in guix-science broken for so long
<rekado>I’d like to fix them all before the Guix HPC report
<rekado>I’ll try bazel 6.3.2 from nixpkgs next. Gotta see if it behaves any different.
<rekado>bazel and tarball are both from nixpkgs, but the error is the same as with the tools from Guix.
<rekado>I got detailed logs from both executions; the nix call is much messier because all the variables defined in the nix file are detected by bazel and logged
<rekado>so the logs contain a stringified copy of the nix file contents. Gross.
<rekado>I think I found an important difference: I use “--nofetch” when building, but they don’t.
<rekado>this could mean that in our case bazel doesn’t even attempt to find the embedded tools
<rekado>I remember why I added --nofetch … because now it wants to download @xla, even though it already exists.
<rekado>our tarball with bazel from nix works.
<rekado>our bazel insists on downloading @xla from the internet whereas bazel from nix (same version) is okay with the copy from the tarball
<rekado>sure enough: there’s a patch I overlooked
<rekado>it works.
<rekado>pushed some commits, but the packages need some more changes before they all build.
<rekado>I’ll likely finish this tomorrow.