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<rekado>arf, this awful python-jaxlib is still broken
<rekado>any change to the JDK changes the behavior of the build
<civodul>i started investigating before holidays i think, but i forgot everything
<rekado>I tried fixing this last week.
<rekado>I noticed that the bazel vendored inputs included a copy of JDK libs
<rekado>so I changed the procedure to remove them.
<civodul>so IIRC many store file names end up being embedded there
<civodul>so it cannot practically be fixed-output
<rekado>I’m no longer sure that’s the problem. It’s all rather confusing. This time it’s not a hash mismatch, but a bazel error.
<rekado>bleh, I’m maxed out with openjdk, easyeffects, and that wip-python-science branch. Gotta look into this tomorrow… again.
<rekado>the error now is “ERROR: Error computing the main repository mapping: no such package '@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo':”, which indicates that bazel-vendored-inputs unexpectedly doesn’t provide *all* of the inputs.