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<civodul>rekado: guix-science is at 97% at
<civodul>guix-past 93%, woohoo!
<zimoun>Oh, cool!
<zimoun>civodul: that’s not the same version of Cuirass as ci.guix, right?
<civodul>zimoun: it’s the same version, possibly slightly older or newer
<civodul>(it’s built from the Cuirass channel)
<zimoun>Because I have never seen “The first failure was build #134264.” with an hyperlink. Which is very cool! :-)
<civodul>ah yes, i like it too :-)
<civodul>was implemented last month or so
<jonsger>yep, thats an amazing feature :)
<jonsger>so usefull
<rekado>all the python-nr.* failures are likely indicative of real version conflicts and have been there since the beginning
<rekado>most of these packages disable the tests for this very reason
<rekado>I’d really like to purge them from guix-science, because they are poor quality packages that seem to have only been added to guix-science as a way to get themm past the review process.