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<rekado>I’ve been trying to fix a few packages in guix-past and guix-science
<rekado>guix-science unfortunately has a bunch of bioinfo packages that we probably wouldn’t accept in this state today
<rekado>when they next cause problems I’d like to remove them
<rekado>all the node-* failures in guix-science look like cuirass problems; these builds would need to be restarted.
<civodul>i’ve restarted the libuv build, which should eventually fix all the node-* packages
<rekado>I have newer versions of python-parabam and python-telomerecat for Guix proper; will remove them from guix-science once they are merged.
<rekado>I hope I can fix the remaining packages next week.
<rekado>got an update of python-scikit-image and python-scipy; will add these to a new branch next week