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<rekado>packaged pytorch 2.0.1 for r-torch. It’s on the r-updates branch now.
<rekado>might upgrade python-pytorch to 2.x later.
<rekado>here’s what I propose to fix the bazel stuff in guix-science:
<rekado>I think this will get us past the ever-changing embedded hashes.
<rekado>maybe the whole approach is flawed
<rekado>these fixed output derivations … how “fixed” are these vendored-inputs things anyway?
<rekado>I’m comparing the differing tar.xz now. There’s got to be some time-dependent output there.
<rekado>yeah, there’s a real problem there
<rekado>the generated tarball includes not just source code but also copied files from the JDK.
<rekado>I guess I’ll have to exclude these files somehow.