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<rekado>this doesn’t look good:
<rekado>so many failures
<rekado>I’m busy with R stuff again; after that I really should figure out a way around this jaxlib problem
<civodul>on the plus side (?), it doesn’t look like a recent regression
<rekado>the jaxlib thing has been around since the beginning
<civodul>rekado: i added “grep -r /gnu/store/ externals” in the vendored-inputs things, and this is what i got:
<civodul>is it ok if we “rm -rf external/local_*”?
<civodul>ACTION runs ‘guix style -S inputs’ in guix-science
<civodul>rekado: could you add me to guix-science?
<civodul>or maybe i should just do a pull request
<rekado>civodul: I’ll add you
<rekado>I’ve added you to the contributors and also sent you an invitation to become a member of the Guix Science organization.
<civodul>rekado: thanks! could you add me to ‘.guix-authorizations’ as well?
<rekado>I keep forgetting how this works
<rekado>do I need to add your key to the keyring branch first?
<rekado>and then add it to .guix-authorizations?
<civodul>yes, exactly