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<PurpleSym>rekado: I’d move the bioc/cran command line flag to the front, but apart from that very nice :)
<PurpleSym>Do you plan to run the Bioconductor import with a guix that pulled guix-cran? I believe there are dependencies in that direction, right?
<rekado>PurpleSym: correct, I assume that guix-cran is available.
<rekado>locally I checked out guix-cran and added it to GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<rekado>there are still packages that are missing, though, but I haven’t looked more closely
<PurpleSym>rekado: I’d be better to `guix pull` guix-cran and then run the bioconductor importer with that guix, because the commit message contains the output of `guix describe`, which should make going back in time easier.