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<eroesch>Morning! Posting this here, in case you don't look at guix mailing lists.
<eroesch>**Context**\: at the University of Reading, we have that facility that allows the deployment of vms on-demand to the campus. I work primarily on reproducibility in science, and managed to convince our IT dept to provide guix as default to all users.
<eroesch>**Hiccups**\: we provide home dirs as nfs drives through the network. Using guix, we are thinking of creating one nfs drive, shared by all users, to contain /var/guix and /gnu/store, symlinked from /.
<eroesch>As I understand, that should work, until a user decides to run "guix gc" \(which would clear wrongly assumed unused profiles\) or maybe until a user decides to launch several vms \(which is theoretically possible, but doesn't happen often\).
<eroesch>Efraim suggested using a shared daemon ssh-ing GUIX\_DAEMON\_SOCKET. We would probably run this on a separate vm. We are however unsure how it would behave when /var/guix/daemon-socket/socket is itself on an nfs.
<eroesch>In theory, it should work, right? Are we missing something?
<civodul> is now accessible over IPv6
<civodul>i added an AAAA record to the DNS entry