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<rekado>civodul: yeah, back then I reverted it, but of course that didn't fix it.
<rekado>on the plus side: guix-bimsb will cease to exist soon anyway :)
<civodul>hey rekado, wb! :-)
<civodul>i was wondering whether to add guix-bimsb to the channels known to
<rekado>when I’m officially back to work I’ll try to move all remaining packages to guix-science and archive the channel
<reedm>Hi All. Is the Guix Workflow Language project still active? I see the master branch hasn't had a push in 9 months, but that could just be because it is stable with limited scope. Trying to figure out if it's worth starting a new project with GWL at the core
<civodul>reedm: hi! it might be that it’s extreeeemely stable :-)
<civodul>i’ll let rekado provide a real answer though
<rekado>reedm: the GWL project is active whenever someone uses it and tells us how it should change to better accommodate new use cases
<rekado>it is a rather simple implementation with limited scope, and it is not clear in which direction development is justified. I prefer to have real world use cases guide further development.
<rekado>the project hasn’t been abandoned, if that’s what you mean
<reedm>Fantastic! I look forward to being a user!