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<zororg>I'm pursuing MS in Bioinformatics and got fascinated to see Guix being used in some bioinformatics labs, so as a request I'd like to know some of the blogs/feeds you'd suggest me to stay updated with.
<zororg>I'm enthusiastic Linux user, I came on the ship of Nixos, But as an emacs user I think of guix some time. It feels so good to see guix and bioinformatics together, I'd be willing to learn and contribute for sure. But currently, I'm in no position to take on the ship.
<zororg>Kindly Please let me know your thoughts regarding bioinformatics rss feed. I will be checking on mailing list logs for this channel.
<zororg>Thank you and please dont mind if there are some mistakes in text.
<civodul>zororg: hi! there’s though too little of it speaks of bioinfo specifically
<civodul>there are bioinfo people here and on the mailing list
<zororg>Oh yes, had gone through it. I also saw the recorded workshop yesterday. Felt good to see more people getting involved
<jeanjack>I heard about a specific bioinformatcs channel but can't remember the exact URL
<zororg>Also, I'm from India. So bioinformatics here is kinda slowly rising.
<zororg>Hence I was looking to get connected with Arun Issac (from genenetwork)
<civodul>jeanjack: maybe one of these: ?
<jeanjack>yes :)