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<rekado>I’m definitely outside my comfort zone, though, because I don’t get to reuse most of my existing slides/illustrations
<zimoun>rekado: oh nice, the teaser about your talk, « I’m framing this story in terms of what I see as the GNU values, and how this informs features we’ve developed so far, and what this might mean for future features. » looks very appealing. I cannot wait! :-)
<rekado>good thing my talk is on Thursday. ICE got delayed, missed the TGV and all subsequent TGVs, so now I’m taking the ICE to Paris.
<rekado>on the plus side: I’ll get to see many many more trains from the inside today.
<rekado>current ICE is also running late. If it gets delayed 10 more mins I won’t be able to arrive Montpellier until 10am tommorow.
<rekado>yeah, won’t make it to Montpellier tonight. They’ll offer me a night in Paris and rebook my ticket to Montpellier for tomorrow.