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<rekado>we have a problem with PiGx, namely that we cannot benefit from any of the existing “run on cloud” features directly
<rekado>the dominance of Docker (as a synonym for “containers”) stifles computing diversity
<civodul>ACTION nods
<civodul>more than 120 people registered for the event in Montpellier :-)
<efraim>oh wow
<efraim>oh, civodul, rekado: Todd from Spack wanted to appologize again for calling you "religious"
<civodul>ouch, indeed
<civodul>efraim: are you at some free software event?
<efraim>packagingcon in Berlin
<civodul>oh nice!
<civodul>i had forgotten about that one
<civodul>how many Guix over there?
<efraim>cbaines is giving a talk today
<civodul>there’s no gratis live stream, is there?
<rekado>efraim: thanks, Todd!
<rekado>the religion epithet seems to come with the GNU label; I appreciate all attempts to sever that link.
<rekado>civodul: from what I could tell there’s only a ticket for remote attendance granting access to the stream.
<rekado>ACTION prepares to install Guix System on the office workstation
<PurpleSym>Wow, 120 people is alot of pressure :|
<civodul>pressure quickly vanishes once you’re there IME
<rekado>personally, I found the pressure to be biggest when there are very few people, because I really want them to get the most out of attending.
<rekado>120 is big enough to just be some number to me.
<jonsger>120 persons would result in a quite decent group picture :)
<rekado>hmm, I’m surprised to see that building without “--no-grafts” results in a full rebuild of jaxlib, jax, tensorflow, …
<rekado>I would have expected the grafts to be cheap
<rekado>I wonder if that’s related to my use of computed-file
<civodul>oh right, probably
<civodul>or is it fixed-output?
<rekado>it is fixed-output
<rekado>but I suppose we’re embedding the output in the builder of the package using it
<rekado>yes, that’s the problem
<rekado>it does (invoke "tar" "xf" "/gnu/store/1iykz1fg1nfrvxf72az33akg2bi3z2k2-jaxlib-vendored-inputs-0.4.18.tar.xz")
<rekado>and that store location differs dependent on whether jaxlib-vendored-inputs-0.4.18.tar.xz was computed with grafts or without, even though the output is fixed
<rekado>so I guess I’d have to move it to inputs and access it indirectly by label
<civodul>the thing that ‘bazel-vendored-inputs’ returns is fixed-output, so its output file name shouldn’t be a function of its inputs
<rekado>bazel-vendored-inputs is given all of the current package’s inputs, and those change with grafts.
<civodul>but the #:hash bit doesn’t change, does it?
<rekado>no, the hash is unchanged. But the builder for python-jaxlib embeds the newbstore name for jaxlib-vendored-inputs-0.4.18.tar.xz
<rekado>the derivations for jaxlib-vendored-inputs declare the same hash but have different output names.
<civodul>hmm ok
<rekado>I’ve got a really weird problem with tensorflow-probability
<rekado>when I do this “from tensorflow_probability.python.internal.backend import jax” it eventually ends up doing “from tree import _tree”
<rekado>(from python-dm-tree)
<rekado>when this is done on its own in a “guix shell python python-dm-tree” the library can be loaded without problems
<rekado>but when it’s loaded via that chain starting with “from tensorflow_probability.python.internal.backend import jax” it *fails* to load
<rekado>it complains about an undefined symbol
<rekado>ImportError: /gnu/store/j7gz6swkxanwma08f9x5g8gz2dqi8qfs-profile/lib/python3.10/site-packages/tree/ undefined symbol: _ZN4absl12lts_2022062316strings_internal9CatPiecesB5cxx11ESt16initializer_listISt17basic_string_viewIcSt11char_traitsIcEEE
<rekado>any ideas what might cause this?
<rekado>I ran python3 with “-vv” to see what files it loads, but I haven’t got a clue what could cause one and the same library to complain about missing symbols in one case and not in the other.
<rekado>when I do “from tree import _tree” *first* in the same environment it loads the library without issue.
<rekado>but when I do “from tensorflow_probability.python.internal.backend import jax” right after that it complains about a different library: ImportError: /gnu/store/p6vj54z3zsis12qfcghdvinm82a7fmcb-abseil-cpp-20220623.1/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN4absl12lts_20220623lsERSoNS0_11string_viewE
<rekado>these are both related to abseil, so my vague guess is that … something’s not right with that package.