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<rekado>finished the build of jaxlib (the bazel thing actually just builds the wheel; I’m compiling the Python files in a separate package).
<rekado>there’s a problem with protobuf, though, when importing jax in a Python session.
<rekado>will follow nixpkgs’s lead and link jax with the static lib for protobuf
<civodul>congrats on getting this far
<rekado>[libprotobuf ERROR google/protobuf/] File already exists in database: xla/xla_data.proto
<rekado>I may need to rebuild everything with the bundled protobuf
<rekado>computing the tarball of all source code for jaxlib takes about 10mins
<rekado>most of the time is spent running tar on the results
<rekado>it’s compressing about 3GB of data
<rekado>feels awfully slow and I wish we didn’t have to do this
<rekado>because the next step is to unpack it all again (in a different derivation)
<rekado>woo, jax can now be imported. What a mess.
<nckhexen>Hi :-)
<alxsim>I'm an academic in population genetics (both simulation and bioinformatics space) and I'm exploring Guix's potential in this space.
<alxsim>Any reason htslib and samtools are stuck at v1.14 from 2 years ago? Is it just due to a scarcity of contributors?
<civodul>alxsim: hi! scarcity is a strong word (we’re talking about ~100 contributors per months), but presumably the bioinfo subset of users didn’t need the newer version so far
<civodul>getting the new version is often quite easy: by running ‘guix build htslib --with-latest=htslib’ or, to update the package definition, by running ‘./pre-inst-env guix refresh -u htslib’
<alxsim>Thanks, just wondered if it was technical incompatibilities
<alxsim>@civodul, thanks for the pointer, quite useful. I haven't had time to explore everyting in the manual yet.
<rekado>alxsim: we’re at 1.16 for htslib
<rekado>we also have packages for 1.14, 1.12, 1.10, 1.9, 1.3.1, and 1.2.1
<rekado>it’s a bit of an outlier in Guix, because normally we just keep one version.
<rekado>I haven’t updated htslib in a while because there was no urgent need for it.
<rekado>I usually keep all the R stuff up-to-date, but the bioinfo tools only when requests come in
<civodul>oh right:
<alxsim>Ah thanks didn't see that, sounds good. Anyway, I'll take some time to learn a few things and then try contributing some packages (mainly python) in the pop gen field.