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<rekado>I patched the toolchain configuration
<rekado>it all seems very ugly
<rekado>but it’s building jaxlib
<rekado>…or rather the dozens of bundled packages first
<rekado>[3,556 / 7,848]
<civodul>quite a milestone!
<civodul>so you managed to get Bazel to use the source code you gave it, right?
<rekado>once this is done I’ll clean it up and try to turn it into a bazel-build-system
<rekado>it’s annoying that the build of jaxlib with bazel takes so long. No surprises because it compiles a dozen other packages, including a patched variant of llvm.
<rekado>with bazel on its own it wouldn’t be a big problem because you wouldn’t need to rebuild everything
<rekado>that would require some integration work, to automatically chunk up the build and produce usable artefacts as Guix outputs
<rekado>[5,713 / 7,972] (it’s still building llvm)
<rekado>…and my system just killed the build :-(
<civodul>because it was longer than the max allowed time?
<rekado>used too much memory
<rekado>but now, after a few hours, I’m at [7,708 / 7,972]