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<rekado>made some progress with computing bazel dependencies and stuffing them in a computed file
<civodul>is the bazel package incomplete?
<civodul>or is it necessary when using bazel?
<rekado>sorry, I didn’t make myself clear.
<rekado>when using bazel to build a package we have two ways to override declared dependencies
<rekado>we can either use the bazel argument “--override_repository” and point it to a different location for source code, or we can separately arrange for all needed source code to be made available
<rekado>I’m doing the latter for jaxlib, which has a lot of dependencies
<rekado>I use computed-file to run bazel to resolve and fetch all source code in the expected file system layout, and wrap it all up as a tarball
<rekado>in the jaxlib build I then unpack this tarball and run “bazel build”
<rekado>I still haven’t managed to get bazel to actually accept the unpacked prepared tarball yet, but it shouldn’t take much longer before I can get it done and turn this into something a little more generic.
<civodul>so every time you want to build a package with bazel, you’d have to do this dependency override dance?
<rekado>yes, seems so
<rekado>I haven’t found any way to generically override dependencies, to make it link existing libraries
<rekado>the documentation is not easy to understand