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<civodul>rekado: it’s a fixed-output derivation, that’s why it has access to the network
<civodul>you could do that for instance using computed-file but passing it #:hash and #:hash-algo
<PurpleSym>Yes, I added the GitHub hooks :)
<zimoun>rekado: congrats for bazel-6! :-)
<zimoun>I hope you will be around for “How to make advanced packages” session in Montpellier :-)
<rekado>zimoun: heh, I wish I had anything to say about this other than “try again, give up, forget about it, remember it, ask for pointers, repeat”
<rekado>civodul: I’m using computed-file now, thanks for the hint!
<rekado>it’s a little messy because I need part of the gnu-build-system there
<rekado>to run bazel I need package inputs (including toolchains) and search paths.
<rekado>maybe even unpack source code
<rekado>I’m not sure how to pass the inputs on to the builder in computed-file, because gnu-build wants an alist
<rekado>but inputs are lists of lists
<rekado>and input-tuples->gexp doesn’t like things like ("openjdk" ,openjdk "jdk")
<rekado>lots of plumbing
<civodul>hmm yeah, not great
<civodul>it should be possible to mimic what the ‘gnu-build’ procedure does, but it’s inconvenient and verbose
<rekado>ooh, just noticed that bazel embeds a lot of /bin/bash references, so I’ll have to fix that or else all downstream packages will have to do this gnarly proot trick.