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<rekado>now it’s just a matter of adding more jars to the inputs
<rekado>tomorrow I’ll grab a whole bunch of pre-built jars and inject them just to see how far I get.
<rekado>[133 / 273] tasks passed so far
<jonsger>nice :)
<efraim>oh nice
<rekado>uhm, the number of tasks keeps increasing… [286 / 884]
<rekado>[354 / 1,999]
<efraim>sounds legit
<rekado>[413 / 2,111] ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<civodul>rekado: Bazel?
<rekado>the package definition so far is pretty gross, but I think this can work
<rekado>I’m not trying to understand how their bootstrap works; I’m just running “bash” and try to override at least some of the tools.
<rekado>the Bazel folks accommodated Debian specifically, so there are some mechanism I can piggy-back on to make things build with Guix.