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<zimoun>Argh when the term Reproducibility means nothing… Julia promotes SysImage which is a big binary containing stuff (another Container format? ;-)) and they say: « Additionally, results are reproducible, making it easier to diagnose and fix errors. »
<zimoun>Communication and marketing… Arf!
<civodul>heh :-)
<zimoun>civodul: when you have a tiny slot of time, could you give your input for ? It is about NAR hash and exclude VCS folder. It matters for SWH. :-)
<civodul>‘nar’, not ‘NAR’ :-)
<civodul>(maybe not the kind of input you were expecting? :-))
<zimoun>NAr if you nitpick ;-)
<zimoun>civodul: Ok, the bug is about vcs-file?, it should only apply in the top-level and not in subdirs.
<civodul>zimoun: it’s more complicated: CVS adds a ‘CVS’ directory in each sub-directory, for example
<civodul>not sure about svn
<civodul>and if you have Git with submodules, then you have .git directories in sub-directories
<rekado>I gave another short talk today at the IT4Science days
<rekado>recycled slides from previous talks but added a handful of slides to mention the pytorch story
<rekado>since I saw that people keep taking photos of slides I decided to add QR codes for URLs
<rekado>(I create them with emacs-qrencode)
<rekado>tomorrow is the 3 hour workshop; I decided to prepare less and just dive into more detail that I would normally skip in my talks
<rekado>hopefully by the end we’ll have a few patches for R packages from new contributors