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<flypaper-ultimat>the other day i made an Rscript that checks rscripts for calls to "library" and "::" and such, and creates a manifest; might be as a companion / alternative to r-guix-install, rekado?
<rekado>flypaper-ultimat: neat!
<rekado>if you find a good way to integrate it into guix.install I’d be happy to accept a patch
<zimoun>rekado: do you use btrfs at work? I am asking if it improves a bit with genomic large dataset.
<rekado>I’m not using it
<rekado>aside from the cloud platform thing, which uses btrfs with swineherd for temporary container home directories.
<rekado>I’m using it there because of quota support and ease of destroying subvolumes.
<rekado>compression and snapshots are bonus features, but I’m not relying on them
<zimoun>yeah, and the easy to add or remove disk to the “btfrs filesystem” seems also interesting.
<zimoun>The question I have is the performances for large genomic dataset.
<zimoun>well, so I will run a tiny experiment :-)