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<zimoun>The five pillars of computational reproducibility: Bioinformatics and beyond
<zimoun>The speak about Guix. \o/
<zimoun>However, ahah! « Although Guix has some exciting functionality, there remains a relative lack of step-by-step guides and tutorials, illustrated by the complete absence of published Guix protocols in, as compared to 13 and 12 related to “Conda” and “Docker” respectively (as at 30th May 2023). »
<zimoun>What is! The first time I hear about it :-)
<civodul>“there remains a relative lack of step-by-step guides and tutorials to, as illustrated by the fact that it’s not mentioned anywhere in the Guix documentation”
<civodul>interesting article though
<civodul>good that you managed to influence them ;-)
<civodul>not sure where they got “functional package manager” from, i agree it doesn’t convey much info, except for FP nerds
<zimoun>Probably from paper Toward… in Nature Scientific Data.
<rekado>oh, look at that: “Special thanks to Dr Altuna Akalin (Max Delbrück Center, Germany)”
<civodul>rekado: oh fun! it’s a (very) small world