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<zimoun>civodul: thanks for fixing etc/time-travel-manifest.scm. I was trying to debug it since we had spoken about.
<civodul> is still failing for reasons that are unclear to me though
<civodul>needs more work!
<civodul>probably a build failure somewhere
<zimoun>yeah. One makes it hard is the lack of log.
<zimoun>Aside, since we know how to rebuild the package with time-bombs, we could copy the binary substitutes. No?
<civodul>… once we’ve rebuilt them, sure
<civodul>i plan to work on that, but time flies!
<zimoun>I have rebuilt them.
<zimoun>Somehow, my question is the alternative: Are we waiting The Right Thing for managing time-bombs and have a way to rebuild packages containing time-bombs? Or could we rebuild them manually and just store the results for sharing?
<civodul>well there’s no Right Thing in sight, only tricks to make it easier to rebuild “in the past”
<civodul>we could try a manual rebuild too
<civodul>‘guix time-machine --commit=v1.3.0 -- build openmpi --no-grafts -v1’ succeeded in seconds on berlin
<civodul>ACTION almost disappointed
<civodul>actually it’s taking substitutes from itself
<civodul>so at least these binaries are available
<rekado>so far for most reproducibility questions our approach has been to sidestep the problem
<rekado>we constrain file names, hash inputs, restrict variations, etc
<rekado>is it an option to fake the time in the build container?
<zimoun>I have tried some stuff with ’faketime’… and I failed. I ended up using good ol’ hard system-side time reset.
<zimoun>I think civodul “idea” is to have a “way” to build using whatever time in the build container. Where “way” is currently not very clear. :-)
<civodul>rekado: no, there’s a “time” namespace, but it only affects the monotonic clock
<civodul>so we need a full-blown VM “living in the past” to offload to
<civodul>not too bad, but it’s quite heavyweight