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<old>anybody got problem recently with some latex packages?
<old>I now get: !pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file ts1-stixgeneral-italic): Font ts1-stixgeneral-italic at 602 not found
<old>from a paper that was compiling fine before
<civodul>old: hi! if this is with modular texlive packages, maybe bring it on #guix where ngz might have some idea
<civodul>(they've been doing all the tex-team work lately)
<old>civodul: I've bring the issue on #guix also. But I took at chance that perhaps some HPC people might already have a fix :-)
<civodul>ah, sorry!
<civodul>i haven't encountered it (yet?), but i haven't used TeX much in recent weeks
<old>me neither, but now I'm hitting a wall
<old>I might revert to older version of the latex suite