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<rekado>PurpleSym: do you have some WIP for a 2023 version of RStudio?
<rekado>I’m wondering whether we should backport the graphics changes to our current RStudio (so that it can be used with R 4.3.x) or wait for the upgrade.
<PurpleSym>rekado: Yeah. It builds, but fails to load the visual editor. Doesn't work using esbuild it seems and I can't get vite to work... Do you want to have a look`
<rekado>what’s wrong with using fuse-box for the build?
<rekado>isn’t that how it’s done in the 2022 version?
<PurpleSym>Looks like they switched to vite.
<PurpleSym>panmirror now lives here:
<PurpleSym>RStudio commit 0efc5af01e4e7f2696e39c8b5785b76ea8eaa59d moved from fuse-box to yarn.
<PurpleSym>(Which, I’m guessing calls vite?)
<PurpleSym>Let me push what I have so far…
<rekado>I’ll take a look later tonight
<PurpleSym>See guix-science branch rstudio-v2023.06.0+421
<PurpleSym>The runtime error occurs somewhere in Java (GWT) code, so it’s hard to debug.
<rekado>thank you!
<zimoun>flypaper-ultimat: not yet about rss. Iti is not native with Org )-:
<zimoun>flypaper-ultimat: thanks for your feedback
<rekado>PurpleSym: node-prosemirror-dev-tools fails to build
<rekado>does it fail for you too?
<rekado>(it wants react)
<flypaper-ultimat>zimoun: ah, i see. I shared it with some colleagues that I'm trying to get on the guix boat, (with some success), they also thought it was interesting.
<PurpleSym>rekado: Yep, works for me: /gnu/store/q3rj8wp7hc23ri186y9k1f45ww9yvp09-node-prosemirror-dev-tools-3.1.0
<PurpleSym>npm strikes again? I’m on Guix proper commit 269cfe341f242c2b5f37774cb9b1e17d9aa68e2c.
<rekado>full build log with failure at the very bottom:
<rekado>I’m on commit cf7e0267adfc3cb83e477c2aebb61060c3c0cfd6
<PurpleSym>What does the package.json look like after the failure? Does it reference react? It should be patched out by 'delete-dev-dependencies.
<PurpleSym>Builds for me too with your Guix proper commit: /gnu/store/q3rj8wp7hc23ri186y9k1f45ww9yvp09-node-prosemirror-dev-tools-3.1.0
<PurpleSym>(yes, same hash)
<rekado>here’s the package.json:
<rekado>looks okay to me
<rekado>and here’s the npm log showing that it tries to get react:
<PurpleSym>rekado: And we’re talking about guix-science commit 7faa6294c242b824de51b6dd9fbf10a98511c0ba, right?
<rekado>yes, same commit