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<rekado>oops, I missed the release of R 4.3.1
<rekado>gotta update
<eroesch>Hi! The School of Psychology at Reading has 4 permanent lectureships open (deadline: 21/06/2023). (the UK does not do “tenure-track”, permanent means you’re in for the long term)
<eroesch>The school has a research dedicated 3T PRISMA MR scanner, several EEG labs, TMS, Electro-physio, eye-tracking, a full motion-capture VR lab, virtual machines as a service and a compute cluster, and other goodies. Let me know if you have questions!
<eroesch>The University is heavily invested and committed to open and reproducible research, and a core institutional member of the UK Reproducibility Network. We have many large scale projects to embed open, robust and reproducible research practices across our 15 schools!
<eroesch>Do not hesitate to contact me,, if you have any question. Please consider it for yourself, .. and forward to your networks! :)
<rekado>I haven’t run the bulk updater for R since I ran into the location/position bug.
<rekado>the updater uses the source location information to make edits, but that information becomes outdated the moment a line is added or removed
<rekado>should we keep track of insertions and deletions?
<rekado>or re-evaluate the whole file any time we want to make an edit?
<rekado>cloning the guix-cran repo on now works
<rekado>hmm, nope. Still doesn’t work.
<rekado>it’s still being provisioned