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<civodul>i don't see zimoun yet but hopefully we'll be starting the hackathon real soon now
<flypaper-ultimat>the BBB will be recorded, right?
<civodul>i don't think so
<civodul>it's mostly an intro to clarify what the goal is, i guess
<flypaper-ultimat>ah ok.
<civodul>videoconf starting now:
<flypaper-ultimat>I think i'm gonna work on, an R one which i definitely like more than python.
<flypaper-ultimat>does it seems like a a good candidate? They have a swh id in their paper :D
<civodul>having a swhid is a good sign :-)
<civodul>i'm not familiar with R but it should be reasonable
<civodul>there are many R packages in Guix proper, and then there's guix-cran if needed
<flypaper-ultimat>yeah thanks to rekado's hard work, Guix is the best R package manager.
<flypaper-ultimat>and other people's hard work as well ofc :)
<civodul>yup, definitely :-)
<civodul>i started looking at
<civodul>it's Python, so rather easy, but it's machine learning and pretty much needs to run on a cluster
<civodul>that's gonna be the hard part
<zimoun>I am doing old OCaml stuff.
<zimoun>if I do “guix shell -C libx11 --search-paths”, why there is nothing about include/ and lib/ ?
<civodul>because there's no C compiler
<civodul>(the note in the middle)
<zimoun>ah thanks. I knew about Python, R, Julia and co. but did not know about C compiler as well. :-)
<bkm>This is nice
<bkm>Links in Codimd are to papers under review, rather than already published
<bkm>Is it ok to examine these?
<civodul>bkm: why not, though i guess it's "safer" to pick already-published papers
<civodul>because then the code is in a "known good" state
<flypaper-ultimat>yay, made a renv.lock->specifications converter, and all the R packages where in guix.
<flypaper-ultimat>what's a repo from an earlier hackathon with a guix.scm? cuz i imagine the "making the paper" bit would be mostly the same
<flypaper-ultimat>ah, found civodul's old one, , that will make for a good example.
<bkm>Getting codes to compile. Will start on Guix setup in the afternoon.
<zimoun>civodul: meeting before lunch break?
<bkm>Is there a discussion now or after lunch?
<bkm>Not much to discuss for me. May want to examine others at a later date.
<zimoun>bkm, ok.
<civodul>zimoun: oops sorry, i got stuck in a discussion
<civodul>everything's going fine?
<bkm>Yes. Some of the computational requirements are heavy.
<bkm>May want to setup guidelines for cloud use.
<zimoun>if people want to share, we are on BBB video meeting
<civodul>yeah, the one i picked was meant to run on a cluster
<civodul>ACTION joins BBB
<bkm>Connection dropped. Taking a break. Back in a bit.
<zimoun>why many people write “GNU GUIX“? All caps! p.3 of
<zimoun>civodul: who are P17 and PS20 in Table 1 of the paper above?
<zimoun>PS203 48 minutes 27 RB Summit 2022, Venice Developer Operating systems Scheme, C, and others
<zimoun>P17 39 minutes 20 rb-general mailing list Developer Operating systems C/C++, Python, Scheme, and others
<zimoun>Scheme is intriguing ;-)
<civodul>zimoun: i don't know, but it wouldn't be hard to find out :-)
<zimoun>« “I think there’s this big gap between scientific research and programming. [. . . ] I think bootstrappability and reproducible builds could be an enormous boost for free software, and inspire people to move towards free software and free software practices.” - P17 »
<zimoun>ACTION is playing the detective :-)
<rekado>zimoun: I thought it’s like a mental caps lock. “GNU” is all caps and the next G is a capital letter. What’s three more?
<bkm>Hardware is everchanging, which is another challenge.
<bkm>Guix seems to be packaged for OpenSuse and Ubuntu/Debian
<civodul>feel free to add the issues you stumble upon to
<civodul>(wrt. hardware)
<civodul>bkm: i'm sure the Debian packager did a great job, yet i got mixed reports ranging from "it's perfect" to "it's broken"
<civodul>i wonder why
<civodul>ACTION has the beginning of something:
<bkm>civodul: Trying out OpenSuse first, uses rpm format, so may be able to package something similar for Fedora
<zimoun>civodul: cool!
<zimoun>I have error compiling old OCaml stuff. )-:
<zimoun>I am doubtful that the reviewer of ReScience C compiled and run the code; from their comment
<civodul>oh! does it look solvable? maybe with help from #ocaml or something?
<civodul>newbie question: can i blindly copy and adjust and it'll Just Work?
<civodul>PurpleSym maybe? ↑
<zimoun>the issue is
<PurpleSym>civodul: It should work, minus issues with the Guix Github integration.
<zimoun>Here, you can “guix system image -f docker -m manifest.scm”
<civodul>specifically, i need "Guix cache" and "Install Guix"
<zimoun>and use this image produced by Guix.
<civodul>zimoun: i don't think we use home-made images there, can we?
<zimoun>yes, uploading an image to DockerHub.
<zimoun>the spirit of
<zimoun>from my point of view, it would be simpler to locally generate a Docker image using Guix and push it to DockerHub then use it for GitHub CI than “Install Guix” and manage “Guix cache” directly in the CI itself.
<zimoun>But maybe PurpleSym “actions” can work out of the box :-)
<bkm>CI is great. But things may change 5 to 10 years from now.
<PurpleSym>zimoun: Can you actually use custom images on GitHub?
<zimoun>you can on GitLabCI so I was assuming you also can on GitHub. Maybe you have right.
<civodul>the name "ubuntu-latest" is resolved on DockerHub, or is it a GitHub-specific image registry?
<flypaper-ultimat>zimoun: wrt locally generating a guixy dockerimage; yeah that was also my experience.
<flypaper-ultimat>at least on gitlab ci.
<flypaper-ultimat>any tricks for setting TZDIR in manifest.scm? just adding tzdata package doesn't do that.
<civodul>flypaper-ultimat: you cannot set it automatically, unfortunately
<civodul>well, you could create a fake package that has TZDIR in its native-search-paths
<flypaper-ultimat>yeah, i think i'll do that
<flypaper-ultimat>did a similar hack one time for emacs
<zimoun>I have something that run \o/
<zimoun>about Python not old OCaml :-)
<zimoun>civodul: how did you go about “actions”?
<civodul>zimoun: not done yet
<zimoun>argh I have forgottent why I have stop using GitHub. Because it’s painful only for psuhing… token blabla
<zimoun>One part is starting to compute something
<civodul>there's no .github/workflow dir though?
<zimoun>not yet. :-)
<zimoun>how can I bin the directory ../images/ to ../images with “guix shell”?
<zimoun>because “guix shell --share=../images=../images” does not work.
<civodul>the right-hand-size in --share cannot be "below" the current dir
<civodul>sorry i meant the left-hand side
<zimoun>but “--share=../images=/images” works.
<civodul>ACTION makes progress:
<zimoun>I do not understand why I cannot bind ’source’ to relative ’target’
<zimoun>for example “--share=../images=$HOME/images” is “below”
<zimoun>what I want is “--share=../images=$HOME/tmp/mixed-coordination-models/images” but without manually specificying the absolute path $HOME/tmp/mixed-coordination-models
<civodul>then remove $HOME; /tmp is fine too, no?
<zimoun>on my host, I am working in $HOME/tmp/foobar and then the container follows the same, no?
<civodul>you can map it to /tmp/whatever inside the container
<zimoun>hehe! But then I have to patch the Python code. The code expect ’../images’ from the directory baz.
<civodul>ACTION had to intervene on ci.guix to unbreak the "Install Guix" action...
<zimoun>on the host, I clone (whatever where), say ’foo’. Then foo contain bar and images. From foo/bar, I run “python3” which looks at ../images.
<civodul>45mn left!
<zimoun>Launching the container from ’foo/bar’, something appears to me missing because I have to know the absolute path for binding ’images’ correctly (only knows relatively from foo/bar).
<zimoun>Anyway, it does not matter much. :-)
<zimoun>civodul: the GitHub action you pushed 27 minutes ago, does it work?
<zimoun>ah no )-: « guix time-machine: error: failed to load 'channels.scm': No such file or directory »
<civodul>what directory is it supposed to run from?
<civodul>oh i guess i need the "Checkout" step...
<zimoun>In progress
<zimoun>and the computations seem OK on my local machine.
<civodul>going back to BBB?
<bkm>Seems to run. Have put notes on codimd.
<bkm>Can join BBB in a few minutes
<zimoun>let close the day :-)
<civodul>thanks everyone for joining!
<civodul>few of us, but lots of fun :-)
<civodul>GitHub action succeeded:
<civodul>took 20mn in total (10mn for the "Install Guix" step)