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<rekado>I would love to recommend “guix shell” more, but for HPC batch job scripts it sadly isn’t convenient enough yet
<rekado>can we use “guix shell” as a shebang?
<rekado>I just learned of a vscode extension that people here like to use. It’s this one:
<rekado>launches a docker thing and connects the editor to it
<rekado>I wonder if we can adapt it for Guix, as an alternative backend
<rekado>it’s always a little sad for me to see adoption of tools like this in my team when “guix shell” exists, but perhaps this tells us something about missing integration of “guix shell”
<rekado>people here also use this to develop when they use macs (because the actual work happens in a GNU+Linux container)
<rekado>I wonder what’s missing on our end to make this kind of setup trivial with Guix
<zimoun>rekado: yes #!/usr/bin/env -S guix shell python python-numpy -- python3
<PurpleSym>I managed to build js-panmirror for RStudio v2023.06.0+421 now, but it fails at runtime with a RangeError – something related to react plugins 😭
<PurpleSym>(Using esbuild.)
<PurpleSym>vite, the new build system, is difficult to get running, because of its dependency on native esbuild 😕