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<PurpleSym>Via I learned about, which seems to provide infrastructure for Bioinformatics (“cloud based”). Are you somehow inwolved there, rekado?
<rekado>PurpleSym: not involved.
<rekado>I know of denbi and attended one or two meetings, but that was about it
<rekado>they have an openstack installation now, but at the time that I was involved with them they didn’t and their cloud thing was just a shared HPC cluster IIRC
<rekado>the process to sign up was rather involved, which is why it was a dead end for our institute
<rekado>a bit sad
<PurpleSym>That JupyterHub as a service also sounded rather bureaucratic and really just that: A JupyterHub deployment.
<civodul>JupyterHub + BinderHub is terrible: a kitchen sink just to allow people to "control" their software environment
<civodul>except they don't actually control it since they use a service
<civodul>i say "seize the means of computation"