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<PurpleSym>Urgh, and now most of my imported Node packages don't build any more. This is *really* frustrating.
<zimoun>civodul presentation at KTH about Guix:
<zimoun>arf, it’s canceled. )-:
<civodul>already! :-)
<rekado>PurpleSym: you may need the old node-build-system that I added back to guix-science
<PurpleSym>rekado: Yeah, probably. I'm not going down that rabbit hole of vendoring a build system and will instead just pin a working Guix commit. There's more recently broken dependencies that I cannot deal with right now.
<PurpleSym>(Beyond node, I mean.)
<rekado>the changes to the build system were very minor
<rekado>I think we should modify the node-build-system to restore building with an older version of node
<rekado>(thus removing the need for this almost exact copy of the node build system)
<zimoun>PurpleSym: is wip-haskell, wip-haskell-updates or wip-haskell-updates or non the branch of the Haskell team?
<zimoun>rekado: you seem the last to have pushed to wip-haskell-updates and wip-haskell-updates-2 back on 2020. Do you remember the aim of these branches?
<zimoun>Does it make sense to cut them?
<zimoun>ACTION zimoun pushed
<rekado>zimoun: it’s fine to remove these branches. I have no intention of touching Haskell any time soon.
<rekado>wip-haskell-updates-2 and wip-haskell-updates were both about reducing the closure of pandoc
<rekado>the results of these branches have already made it into the master branch a long time ago
<zimoun>rekado: Thanks. I do not feel confident to cut them… I am going to send an email to guix-devel in case someone depends on it (I do not think so :-))
<rekado>I’ll delete them, no need for an email
<zimoun>ok, thanks.
<rekado>uhm… they have already been deleted
<rekado>maybe I did that a week or so ago when I cleaned up my old branhces
<zimoun>ah, that’s probably me that have not run --prune when fetching in the mean time. In all cases, thanks. :-)
<rekado>the wip-r branch still has that commit to switch to Bioconductor git:
<rekado>no idea how to move forward there
<rekado>in the interest of long-term reproducibility we should move to git, but I’m annoyed by the added friction
<zimoun>well, I do not know. Considering how Bioconductor manage their repository, indeed I do not know if it is worth the effort. Especially when the tarballs should be now ingested by SWH and I am working to also ingest the past. The question is thus more or less Disarchive.
<zimoun>Using Git, it would remove Disarchive from the dance.
<zimoun>But it adds complexity with Bioconductor tags and co.