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<PurpleSym>eroesch: Explain what?
<rekado>I’m having to update python-distributed and I just can’t get the tests to run
<rekado>I always check the .github/workflows/ files, but this time I can’t seem to find any special sauce
<rekado>the tests complain about the fact that /gnu/store/… pyc files are found but we run tests from /tmp/guix-build…/source
<rekado>in the past I worked around this by chdir-ing to some other directory, but this time it just won’t work
<rekado>… and now it just works after removing “-p no:legacypath” from the pytest config
<rekado>no idea if that’s what fixed it, though
<rekado>nope, the important part is to run pytest on “.”
<civodul>i sympathize
<rekado>argh! I can’t stop upgrading python packages
<civodul>you "can't stop" as in you'd like to but feel an addiction? or you keep getting requests to do so?
<rekado>you pull on one thread and the whole tapestry unravels
<rekado>I just want to add this one thing, but oh it needs a slightly never version of this, and that needs a slightly newer version of that, and that again needs a dozen more packages, …
<civodul>heh, terrible
<civodul>we need to reify all the version requirement info from the importer, and then run a constraint solver to import the right versions
<rekado>and so a constraint solver finally made it into Guix
<rekado>it’s like conda/spack/easybuild but at compile time ;)
<zimoun>Yesterday, we had a “Guix Meetup“ with Tanguy and we discussed about that. For poetry.
<rekado>poetry the Python package, or poetry because mere prose doesn’t begin to express our anguish?
<zimoun>hehe! Poetry, the Python package that allow mere coding prose. :-)
<zimoun>The last core-updates merge had broken it
<civodul>rekado: i see: WARNING: (gnu packages python-xyz): `python-pytest-enabler' imported from both (gnu packages check) and (gnu packages python-check)
<PurpleSym>A constraint solver was also my (only) idea how to build guix-python (like guix-cran).
<PurpleSym>Doesn’t even have to be tied to Guix, just a stable/working set of Python packages similar to what Stackage offers for Haskell.
<rekado>civodul: yes, sorry, I’ll have to revert my addition
<rekado>found out why python-pytorch-lightning has a problem with the pytorch version (see its patch-version-detection phase): ‘Building wheel torch-1.13.0a0+gitUnknown’
<efraim>looks legit to me. does anyone REALLY know git?
<civodul>hero of the snake, rekado
<civodul>wait, i had to look it up in Wikipedia :-)