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<etienne_>Is there a French guix cafe today?
<etienne_>I was very much looking forward to it, but it doesn't look like there is anyone joining.
<zimoun>etienne_: I had the same issue. The URL changed. Do you change the new one?
<etienne_>Yes, someone gave me the correct link (
<rekado>I received a report about guix-cran failing to be pulled
<rekado>is it still broken?
<civodul>rekado: hi! i think it is, but prolly because we've hit some hard limits :-/
<civodul>on the Guile side
<PurpleSym>Also the channel hasn’t been updated for a few days, so there may be an actual issue. I’ll check tomorrow.
<PurpleSym>But most likely lack of RAM.
<rekado>oh, okay.
<rekado>looks like pytorch is again broken
<rekado>no substitutes for either 1.12 or 1.13
<rekado>never mind: 1.13 built fine on
<rekado>rstudio-server is broken again
<rekado>the node-* packages no longer build
<rekado>perhaps due to an upgrade to the node package
<rekado>rollup no longer exists
<civodul>i've just restarted guix.bordeaux, let's see if an evaluation eventually succeed:
<civodul>*succeeds, even
<rekado>looks like commit d8ce5e3297ac433eeda7a893b42ab9cb4a5abb7c is to blame
<rekado>perhaps we can provide an older copy of the node-build-system for guix-science
<rekado>ACTION builds all the node stuff with node@10 and the guix-science node-build-system
<rekado>apparently I need to build icedtea3 first
<PurpleSym>I don’t like the speed at which we’re breaking things right now 🤨
<rekado>me neither
<rekado>I can’t get stuff done as I’m *constantly* fixing things
<civodul>yup, same here
<rekado>the core-updates merge was exceptional, I guess
<rekado>ACTION pushed a fix to guix-science
<efraim>and it came hot on the heels of the staging merge
<PurpleSym>Thanks, rekado!
<rekado>not sure if it really fixes everything, but at least the most obvious error is gone now
<rekado>still have to wait for all the JDKs to be built
<rekado>successfully built /gnu/store/nmgmkxdnn51pr521d0b27lnf8if2w5sn-rstudio-server-2021.09.3+396.drv
<rekado>ACTION packages python-pytorch-lightning
<rekado>I wanted to package this 2 months ago, but needed to wait for the rust-team branch to be merged, which got held up by the core-updates merge :)
<efraim>I thought about doing the next rust version for the next rust-team round, but I think I might just do python-cryptography and a bunch of random crate updates. And maybe some skipping of tests to try to cut the number of crates