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<civodul>do we have potential users of --with-configure-flags here?
<efraim>civodul: every now and then I want to pass --with-courage as a configure-flag, but not enough to really use it.
<efraim>and I suppose it would've helped with my gparted image
<efraim>and I guess it could lead the way to some sort of USE flags
<civodul>i'm about to commit it
<civodul>the syntax is heavy, --with-configure-flags=guix=--with-courage
<civodul>you can only pass one flag in that way
<civodul>hopefully not a showstopper
<etienne_>@apteryx .. you seem knowledgeable about the interaction of guix and python, is that right?
<etienne_>After having guix installed python packages, how do you call them from within python? :D
<etienne_>Oops, wrong channel :D ... but same question here, actually, if anybody has an answer.