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<rekado>bioc TODO list:
<rekado>those that say “consider adding this native input: esbuild” are tricky: this means there’s minified JavaScript.
<zimoun>I am bit busy today and this week-end. Do you want we share the upgrade next week?
<zimoun>it could be nice if Haaskellers tackle the bootstrap of 4.08.2.
<rekado>you are welcome to share the notes at
<rekado>that’s about running 4.08.2 on hugs
<rekado>oof, not only new bioc release but also R 4.3.0
<rekado>will update that too
<rekado>some bioc packages have a hard dependency on R 4.3.0 already
<rekado>hmm, R says “configure: error: date-time conversions do not work in 2020 -- is tzdata installed?”
<rekado>tzdata-for-tests is in fact included
<rekado>oops, forgot to set TZDATA early
<civodul>rekado: many thanks for all the Python fixes 🙏