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<civodul>PurpleSym: looks like guix-cran can no longer be evaluated:
<civodul>(hi! :-))
<PurpleSym>civodul: Weird. My scripts should not push anything that is not “pullable”. But CI never picks up any new packages 😕
<PurpleSym>Are there any further logs?
<civodul>PurpleSym: OOM, it seems:
<civodul>we really need to address that
<civodul>i need to resume work on Guile...
<zimoun>“Too many heap sections: Increase MAXHINCR or MAX_HEAP_SECTS” ouch! :-)
<PurpleSym>civodul: That’s strange. It works fine on my desktop machine. Granted, it has 32G of RAM, but I thought that error message was independent of actual RAM size.
<PurpleSym>(“it” = guix pull)
<civodul>PurpleSym: i don't know, but we're certainly pushing the limits in terms of RAM usage here
<PurpleSym>Looks like the last successful evaluation was 3fdf58b, which has 17602 packages in total, whereas now we only have 17458 in the channel. So something else must’ve gone wrong.
<PurpleSym> (
<civodul>or there are packaging cycles?
<PurpleSym>civodul: Shoudn’t it get stuck everywhere then?
<efraim>in the distant past I had that issue with 1GB of ram on mips64el, even when I bumped it to 3GB of swap. It could be RAM
<efraim>could one of the files have grown (much) larger since a previous commit?