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<rekado>efraim: good good!
<rekado>I just built pytorch 1.13.1, but the validate runpath phase failed
<rekado>there are few things more demoralising than a last second failure in a long build like that :)
<efraim>I'll take a look at pytorch. does it work on master? I saw some things changed after the staging merge
<efraim>it looks like 1.12.0 and 1.12.1 both fail on mater
<efraim>I take it back, it's because I just bumped python-outcome and it hasn't been rebuilt
<efraim>rekado: I built 1.12.1 without issue on the rust-team branch
<rekado>I pushed 1.13.1 on master, just for the r-torch update
<rekado>the default is still 1.12
<civodul>yay, thanks!
<efraim>same with 1.12.0.
<efraim>rust-1.67 built in about 10 hours on riscv64 and I've successfully built librsvg there so I'm counting that as working
<zimoun>civodul: once we talked about Julia and Guix. Well, for instance: :-)
<civodul>we need a Turing Award winner on the Guix team!
<civodul>so we can show off, too
<civodul>anyone with a Turing Award here?
<zimoun>rekado: Feel free to comment about the GHC bootstrap story ;-)