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<drakonis> a post, this is.
<drakonis>hmm, perhaps it is the wrong channel to link this
<rekado>at work we now have an OpenStack installation.
<rekado>this reminded me of the impedance mismatch between containers/VMs and Guix
<rekado>I wonder if there’s space for an OpenStack plugin that better integrates with Guix
<rekado>e.g. I can only create a new instance from an existing image blob. But once I have an image blob I cannot use “guix system” any more.
<rekado>we already have a shared read-only /gnu on OpenStack (and we use GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET to talk to a remote daemon to write to the store), but all I can use it for is for packages
<rekado>we have a similar problem with containers
<rekado>perhaps a simpler approach would be to integrate Guix with cloud-init
<rekado>so that one can start with a small Guix base image and configure it via cloud-init