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<rekado>1.67.1 failed
<rekado>looks like a GC ran in the time between the failure and now
<rekado>it tells me that it would build *all* these Rust versions again
<rekado>every single one of them
<rekado>this is not fair
<rekado>what can we do about the aarch64 situation? I’d really like us to have more build nodes.
<rekado>we could also use AWS aarch64 instances
<rekado>we can’t seem to connect to grunewald
<rekado>so: out of three nodes: 1 has a bad disk, 1 is offline, 1 is building stuff.
<rekado>looks like we got lucky. We must have had substitutes cached for these previous builds.
<efraim>I ran 'guix weather' at some points to see how the builds were going