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<efraim>according to guix weather it looks like aarch64 is up to building rust-1.64
<rekado>efraim: yes, in my screen session we’re building 1.64
<efraim>not this round because I'm sooo done with rust on aarch64 but next rust branch round I could see removing librsvg-minimal
<efraim>thanks for taking care of rust on aarch64
<rekado>1.64 finally succeeded; 1.65 failed. Retrying.
<rekado>gah, ran out of space for 1.65 again…
<civodul>uh, quite an endeavor!
<rekado>kreuzberg will be renamed kreuzbork
<rekado>can’t remove stuff in /gnu/store/trash because of I/O errors
<rekado>I’ll see if I can RMA that disk as well
<rekado>still building 1.66.1
<rekado>we now have a local openstack deployment. I wonder how best to integrate Guix.
<rekado>for example, I’d like to make /gnu/store available for all virtual machines and containers
<rekado>this is easy over NFS, but I wonder if we could also run Guix-built containers and VMs straight off /gnu/store
<rekado>openstack expects to be given VM images and container images
<rekado>I wonder if there’s a way to provide some sort of adapter between this traditional interface and the store
<efraim>we'll get there soon!
<rekado>building 1.67.1 now woo
<efraim>So close!