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<rekado>build of /gnu/store/zq5m9v5hp60bmqqw9rd8bza8fi2za7im-rust-1.62.1.drv failed on due to I/O error
<rekado>running guix gc --verify=repair,contents on now
<wdkrnls>Dear Guix R experts: I tried to run R in a container following the manual but it seemed to be missing the tzdata package. R was giving me a warning abou t that.
<wdkrnls>hmm... maybe I just forgot to share /etc with it?
<wdkrnls>I didn't think it would exist.
<wdkrnls>By manual I meant the cookbook.
<wdkrnls>Nevermind. I tried guix shell r --container by itself and didn't see the issue.
<wdkrnls>I wonder what could be causing that to appear for my comparatively huge manifest I'm writing.
<rekado>you can add tzdata to the container