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<rekado>finally built 1.54 without having the build killed.
<rekado>now it’s doing 1.58 or something
<efraim>I found I needed more than 8GB of /tmp for rust-1.67 when I was building on riscv64
<efraim>I also found that 1.61+ took about 6 hours each on riscv64
<efraim>is there anywhere on cuirass to follow along or should we plan on pushing something to the rust-team branch after it finishes so it gets recognized
<rekado>it’s building 1.60 now
<rekado>it’s still just a manual build
<rekado>this is so fickle
<rekado>I had to restart this a dozen times or so
<rekado>no chance to have it built by cuirass under these circumstances
<efraim>so after it finishes we should probably rebase rust-team on master. that should lock in the derivation with cuirass
<rekado>efraim: wip-rekado-rust-team is that rebased branch
<rekado>so in case you want to have the completed derivations recognized by cuirass I suppose we could add a build job for it.
<efraim>or just push that branch as the rust-team branch
<rekado>building 1.61
<rekado>we’re making progress