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<rekado>yay, built python-orjson
<rekado>with a great deal of help from the rust-team branch
<rekado>took a long time to rebase onto that branch
<civodul>ACTION cheers at rekado
<efraim>rekado: I'm hoping to merge the rust-team branch into master once aarch64 builds out
<efraim> is the key build we're waiting on
<rekado>efraim: oh, good
<rekado>I locally rebased that branch. I’ll just wait for your merge then.
<rekado>is it okay for me to push to that branch after the merge?
<rekado>I’d like to see on ci if my commits break things. They contain a couple of upgrades.
<efraim>rekado: it should be fine. We just can't merge it into master until we have rust for aarch64 though, it's blocking some 3300 packages
<civodul>"Examples include libraries for programming languages, package managers [...]"
<civodul>looks like a perfect match
<drakonis>a match made in heaven?