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<rekado>civodul: the problem turned out to be the gcc:lib input in make-cuda-toolkit
<rekado>I think that’s a defect still present in guix-hpc-non-free
<rekado>I removed it from cuda 11.7 in guix-science-nonfree and that allows me to use cellbender with python-pytorch replaced
<rekado>when cuda 11.7 is built with gcc 8’s lib output present libraries using pytorch might trigger a runtime problem
<rekado>they might expect gcc 10’s lib, but they see gcc 8’s lib first, and so they crash
<civodul>rekado: ok, interesting
<hwpplayer1>What is the latest GCC version in Guix ?
<civodul>i guess i should remove that stuff from guix-hpc-non-free
<civodul>hwpplayer1: 12; you can see that with "guix package -A gcc-toolchain"
<hwpplayer1>Okay thanks