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<PurpleSym>Urgh, look like CRAN blacklisted the guix-cran bot.
<civodul>how often was it pulling from it?
<civodul>maybe do that over Tor? :-)
<PurpleSym>Once a day. But I moved to a new server and had to fill the store again (i.e. download all source files).
<PurpleSym>Looks like it’s just this mirror, actually.
<rekado>last I checked the importer downloads every package twice
<civodul>checking for reproducibility i guess, that's smart
<civodul>hello zimoun!
<zimoun>hum?! Blockchain for science
<rekado>“to advance science and blockchain”; that’s like “for the good of humanity … and also pancakes”
<zimoun>they say Etherenum but they do not mention explicitly the consensus method – before or after the big swith of Etherenum?
<zimoun>“Artificial Intelligence: a Problem of Plumbing? by Gerald J. Sussman“ looks intriguing :-)
<zimoun>oh civodul is part of the committee :-)
<rekado>yeah, just saw that
<civodul>i'm part of the *program* committee, so i merely review papers
<civodul>most likely i won't be able to attend physically (which is sad because i have good memories of past editions)