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<zimoun>SWH tweeted my blog post about their anniversary \o/
<civodul>i didn't even know about your blog post :-)
<civodul>i'm no longer set up to follow RSS feeds
<civodul>is it on gwene?
<zimoun>yeah, that’s why I do not have RSS feeds. ;-)
<civodul>ah :-)
<zimoun>RSS is not provided by default with Org and I have been lazy to implement or check how to reuse something.
<civodul>nice that you put up an extensive summary of the workshop
<zimoun>it is not an extensive summary but my “opinions“ about topics that we did not discussed in the group sessions.
<zimoun>civodul: manual RSS feed! ;-) New entry
<civodul>aaah :-)
<civodul>the quote at the bottom is Xavier Leroy IIRC, right?
<civodul>we should get in touch with him ;-)
<zimoun>yep, from Xavier Leroy.