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<zimoun>For French reader:
<zimoun>My best: How Open Science can change the practises of biomedical researchers?
<zimoun>Does it imply that biomedical researchers are not doing good science since Open Science is just the buzzword for good science? :-)
<civodul>heh :-)
<civodul>did you attend?
<zimoun>no, because I have been in touch too late. And it is a kind of very “select” event.
<zimoun>And today’s seminar in my lab: "Containers : a useful technology to share bioinformatics tools"
<zimoun>hum, does it mean I am failing to convince people?
<civodul>rather it means that it's a long-term effort
<civodul>it's been 5 years
<civodul>we should do a Guix-HPC anniversary event :-)