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<PurpleSym>rekado: I think it was one of Roel's packages we adopted when he left his institution. But I'm not in touch with any of them, so no idea whether it's still used.
<zimoun>about SELinux and CentOS, an user is reporting that guix-daemon is not starting correctly.
<zimoun>Well, I do not know if it is related to
<zimoun>Any tips?
<rekado>does the audit log say anything useful?
<rekado>did they install the cil policy file?
<rekado>ACTION reads the issue
<rekado>that’s from 2021, but the policy was changed in 2022 already
<zimoun>Well, they say: Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Mon 2023-02-13 12:59:05 CET; 1min 44s ago
<zimoun>Process: 2582028 ExecStart=/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix/bin/guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild --discover=yes (code=exited, status=203/EXEC)
<zimoun>Main PID: 2582028 (code=exited, status=203/EXEC)
<zimoun>févr. 13 12:59:05 pc-p-jola-crpp-cnrs-fr systemd[1]: guix-daemon.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'
<rekado>what about the audit log?
<zimoun>I asked. I am waiting.
<rekado>the audit log should tell us what capabilities were denied
<rekado>it’s also good to confirm which cil file has been installed and whether files have been fully relabeled with restorecon
<zimoun>thanks for the help. I know almost nothing about SELinux.
<rekado>resources (files and processes and ports) have types, and to perform any operation on any resource there needs to be a rule that allows one type to be transitioned to another
<rekado>that’s the job of the cil file
<rekado>it says what type certain files have, declares what operations are permitted on them, and states how types can transition
<rekado>a file with a certain label could, for example, result in a process with a certain type label, and there is a rule to make a process with that label access a file with some other label
<rekado>the file labels are applied according to the (filecon …) statements in the cil file
<rekado>permissions from files/resources of one type onto files/resources of another type are specified with (allow …) statements
<rekado>and then there are typetransition statements to allow processes to change their types through a series of conversions
<rekado>e.g. the init system runs as init_t and launches a file with type guix_daemon_exec_t, and the resulting process should have type guix_daemon_t
<rekado>guix_daemon_t then has permissions to do things to certain other files, etc
<rekado>(e.g. it can talk to nscd, read the passwd file, open sockets, etc)
<rekado>that’s all there is to it
<rekado>our policy file is rather primitive; few types, little differentiation
<rekado>a proper policy would probably add more process domains, e.g. a separate type for build processes and their permissions
<zimoun>Thanks for the explanations. I see, I guess.
<rekado>we don’t bother with any of that and are content with just a single type for the daemon
<rekado>better than just disabling SELinux, but far from nuanced
<zimoun>Hum, ok. Are we distributing a CIl file with this type for the guix-daemon?
<rekado>curiously enough we are not
<rekado>it’s part of the repository
<rekado>but “guix pull” won’t install it.
<zimoun>oh, thanks. I did not know.
<zimoun>hum, no answer back. I will keep you touch if I have more info. Thanks for the explanations, BTW.
<rekado>zimoun: hope it helps!
<rekado>it’s a bit unfortunate that the “guix” package uses guile-3.0-latest while all the other Guile packages don’t.
<rekado>I don’t want to be hit by differences in Guile .go files when using Guix as a library
<rekado>so I’m using package transformations to get my guile-3.0-latest variants of all packages.
<zimoun>yes it helps! Now I have a better idea where to look. :-)
<rekado>I’d like to deploy a package to S3 and I’m not sure how best to accomplish this
<rekado>my first attempt was to use “guix pack”, unpack it, and then sync it over to an S3 bucket.
<rekado>I wonder if I could do without the unpack step
<rekado>the pack is big enough that I don’t want to upload the whole thing every time
<rekado>perhaps a custom file or store item handler in “guix pack” would fit the bill here
<zimoun>relocatable pack?
<rekado>yes, I’m building a relocatable pack
<rekado>currently, I build it (which copies files to a tar.gz), unpack it, then sync the files to S3, then delete.
<rekado>I’d like to skip the unnecessary pack and unpack