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<rekado>what’s your opinion on deferring npm installation to execution time?
<rekado>it’s a reproducibility problem, sure.
<rekado>but sometimes I think I’d rather *have* software in Guix than not have it at all.
<jlicht>rekado: which package in particular are you thinking of?
<rekado>the thought came to me when I looked at jupyterhub
<PurpleSym>rekado: As in running `npm install XXX` at runtime?
<rekado>ACTION shudders
<jlicht>You could create a 'fixed-output-derivation' that boils down to calling `{npm,yarn} install`, store the resulting hash, and consider using that moving forward
<zimoun_>PurpleSym, rekado: the current version of the annual Guix HPC report contains this snippet
<zimoun_>Is it already included elsewhere? If not, is it still planned?
<rekado>can we snarf this from the blog post?
<rekado>I haven’t been able to write anything since I got sick
<zimoun_>rekado, yes for sure. :-)
<zimoun_>Do you have time tomorrow morning to proofread a short paragraph about guix.install if I write one?
<rekado>yes, I can do that
<zimoun>rekado: I pushed the paragraph about guix.install. Feel free to expand, fix English and whatever else. :-)
<zimoun>PurpleSym: do you have time tomorrow morning to proofread a paragraph about CRAN channels if I write it?
<zimoun>civodul: still planned to publish the report tomorrow afternoon, right? Then week-end and rest.
<PurpleSym>zimoun: Yeah, I hope so. Don’t have time to write it myself currently ☹️
<zimoun>I will try to do my best tomorrow. :-)
<devmsv>rekado: At some point there was a discussion (and code) of having a npm binary importer. That would help me a lot in what I'm building and I'm all ears and can test what you guys need
<devmsv>I have try to create a package with 'npm install' but I don't know yet Guile/Guix to do it (was unable to download every dependency in the download phase so the npm-build-system could use it)
<rekado>devmsv: we’ve been using the importer for guix-science
<rekado>ACTION checks the paragraph on guix.install
<civodul>rekado: hey! just checked the bit on GWL (by Ontje, right?) and it's pretty nice
<civodul>the "Evaluation of tools" paper looks interesting
<civodul>ACTION reads "wisp, a variant of Scheme with significant whitespace", wonders about possible interpretations
<civodul>if i skip many lines and leave 10 spaces between identifiers, does that make it wisp?
<civodul>"GWL can only be recommended to experienced scheme programmers or to specialists with high requirements on software reproducibility and integrity."
<civodul>ACTION .oO( am i a specialist with high requirements on repro? )
<devmsv>rekado: oh and were I can find it?
<jlicht>devmsv: Still needs love, but works for me: