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<zimoun>rekado: I mentioned your article about SARS-Cov2 using Guix as example in I hope it was the good way. :-)
<zimoun>hey nckx, what’s up since this week-end? :-)
<nckx>Oh, you know what's up (and down, and up, and... :-) Currently resting in the sun. How was FOSDEM? (And the workshoppier Guix Day?)
<nckx>Did you fix all our scaling problems? That would be nice.
<zimoun>Scaling problems? yes fixed now! They are the past. Well, you can see them only when using “guix time-machine”. Thanks reproducible machinery. ;-)
<nckx>> up (and down, and up, and... :-)
<nckx>/me cosplaying the berlin build farm anno 2022.
<nckx>zimoun: Wonderful. Now to add a feature to time-machine that extrapolates Guix's growth until it eats all your RAM again.