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<devmsv>Hi, I'm curious how many of you are using some tipe of object storage/lakeFS instead of old fashioned NAS for researchers to interact with data?
<devmsv>also civodul told me in #guix the some of you were running Guix System in cluster. I will like to know more about it as I will be able to migrate our current cluster to Guix System
<devmsv>Anyway I will make an "officialy" introduction of myself in the mailing list someday as I have alredy management permission to build our CI/CD with Guix
<civodul>devmsv: hi! great that you're using Guix for CI/CD! i think it's a good use case
<civodul>the folks who run Guix System on a cluster in France are not on this channel i think
<civodul>i'll try to get them to write something in the upcoming Guix-HPC annual report on this