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<zimoun>civodul: about your message for Guile CI, I proposed to use Guix for Org-mode CI. Well, another direction than Cuirass. One point is: «Org and Guix are part of the GNU system. Therefore, we could imagine to bridge instead of relying on <something-else>.»
<civodul>zimoun: hi! yes, i saw this message of yours, nice initiative!
<civodul>that you have to turn the project into a channel is kinda weird and possibly a psychological showstopper
<civodul>but it does the job :-)
<zimoun>I think there is a proof-of-concept to have Guix as framework for CI, from Cuirass to Docker factory. :-)
<civodul>oh wait, you mean there is a proof-of-concept somewhere else, or *this* is a proof-of-concept?
<zimoun>I would not this as a proof-of-concept. ;-)
<zimoun>*this* about Guile is a proof-of-concept.
<civodul>ah yes
<civodul>zimoun: this Org/Guix/GitLab setup is another nice way to approach it!
<zimoun>civodul: when would you like publish the annual Guix HPC report? Before or after this week-end?
<civodul>zimoun: like i wrote (i think), i'm aiming for publication after FOSDEM
<civodul>which means it should be mostly ready before
<civodul>(i still have to work on it...)
<zimoun>plenty of time for ACM Paper submission (Long and Short): February 20, 2023 ;-)
<zimoun>wow! Are you planning to go to USA?
<civodul>i'm sharing because it looks relevant
<zimoun>ah, I misread the sequence.
<civodul>maybe you or someone else will want to submit a paper? :-)
<civodul>looks like we have a lot to say!
<zimoun>yeah but I am exploding my carbon budget for my holidays so I cannot go to USA
<civodul>it's become quite common (fortunately) for conferences to allow for remote talks
<civodul>for instance, in March i'll give a talk in Japan from the comfort of my office :-)
<civodul>(for the <Programming> conference)